terrapin express

What Terrapin Express Is

Terrapin Express is a pre-paid debit account that can be used at participating locations across campus. It's a convenient way for students, faculty, staff, and university affiliates to access products and services across campus without carrying cash. Forty-seven locations on campus accept Terrapin Express. All you need is your university ID card! Once your ID is in the system and your card is operating, you can activate your Terrapin Express account.

How Terrapin Express Works

  • Terrapin Express is paid in advance and may not be placed on the Bursar bill.
  • Terrapin Express funds are not dedicated to Dining Services. Many on-campus businesses accept Terrapin Express. Terrapin Express points are not available off-campus.
  • Terrapin Express funds do not expire. They are available until the student graduates or requests a refund. Requests for refunds or cancellation must be made in person or in writing to the Terrapin Express Office. Processing time for refunds is a minimum of four weeks. Refunds are sent by mail from the Bursar's Office to the student's permanent address.
  • Terrapin Express can be increased at any time and by any amount. It can be increased on line, by mail, by phone, or in person at our Terrapin Express Office.
  • Terrapin Express account balances automatically carry over to each new semester, term, or academic year.

To learn more, contact the Terrapin Express Office at:

1109 South Campus Building, Mezzanine Level 301-314-8068 terpexp@dining.umd.edu

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